What does the X represent for Ixellion? French mathematician and philosopher René Descartes, used X to denote the unknown quantity. 

That is part of our story. We are interested in currently “unknown” solutions to the problems faced by our planet and people. The X-Chromosome represents our nurturing and caring side: our ambition is to make a positive impact on the world.


Our world population is growing rapidly. By 2050 it is projected to increase by  3 billion. We quickly need to find viable solutions for mobility, food, and a series of challenges facing our environment, from sea to sky.

Over the last 10 years Ixellion has been researching and either acquiring or securing the rights to various technologies that we believe have outstanding potential both on the humanitarian and financial levels.


Ixellion’s founders have a dream: developing industrial innovation technologies that can benefit the modern community.

Ixellion is a financial holding company, setup with the necessary assets to promote ambitious industrial innovation programs. In the fields of nano-structured innovative materials, waste-to-energy, advanced electric motors and soilless agriculture. With an eye on new financial tools that promote secure, transparent and lean use of capitals.

In today’s world, big companies struggle to develop and apply innovation, even though they have the financial strength to do so. Successful startups are often stuck in mid-stream for a lack of funds; risking to lose their independence, creativity and time when they are good enough to find an investor. Ixellion’s vision  is to make this innovation happen.

Ixellion’s team already selected mature, scalable, profitable, necessary projects ready to be developed. Those projects will be watered and fertilized with all the necessary finance and networking support to make a global success.Ixellion’s shares will be floated on Frankfurt stock market within 2020. Why? In our modern world, an organization can only benefit from being open, transparent, visible, ready for anybody’s contribution.

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Research and Development, Ixellion’s nature

Everyday our R&D team is developing innovative solutions that will be applied in future Ixellion’s programs.

From base research to prototyping and IP protection. Actually, and in addition to continuous progress on development of materials, two main disruptive R&D programs are on the go:

Electric Power & data Transmission
Aerodynamic Plasma.

Ixellion, as technological holding company, develops the following fields of activities:

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AS nanostructured composite fire test

AS Turbojet Demonstration

Ki Energy Operating Plant

Ki Energy Presentation for Municipalities

Ki Energy Presentation for Companies

Environmental Impact

We own patents and know-how focused on the development of environmental-impact technologies
to sustain our planet.